Palgrave Macmillan The Cultural Sociology of Political Assassination

Developing the theory of cultural trauma in regard to shattering potential effects of political assassinations, Eyerman examines and social life in three different national contexts: Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Harvey Milk


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Counterpoint Killing King

Published in time for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Killing uncovers previously unknown FBI files and sources, as well as new forensics to convincingly make case that was


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Evangelische Verlagsanstalt Luthers Provokation für die Gegenwart

Der Bedeutung der reformatorischen Theologie für die Gegenwart Die Reformation ist mehr als Luther, aber ohne Martin hätte es keine gegeben. Er radikaler, nach dem biblischen Grund des Glaubens fragender Theologe. Sp


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Cambridge University Press Luther and Calvin on Secular Authority

Martin Luther and John Calvin were principal 'magistral' Reformers of sixteenth century: they sought to enlist cooperation of rulers in work of reforming Church. However, neither regarded relationship between Reformed Chris


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T & T Clark The Promise of Martin Luther's Political Theology

Michael Laffin demonstrates the promise of Martin Luther's thought for contemporary political theology by showing has been over determined in standard genealogies of modernity which frequently deafen us to his unique contribution.


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Rowohlt E Book Luther

Allein in der Berufung auf sein Gewissen stürzte Martin Luther eine Welt um, wie es sonst nur Kopernikus gelang. Er war gröBte Rebell, den die deutsche Geschichte aufzuweisen hat und wollte doch nichts weniger sein.


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PAQUET martin luther king ; la biographie non officielle

" pas le demi dieu des médias, juste l'homme : ni conneries, ni campagne de pub.une vision parmi d'autres de martin luther king, car j'ai évidemment pris quelques libertés avec l'histoire officielle. jene l'ai épargné " en dressant ce portrait sans concession du leader noir assassiné le 4 avril 1968, à memphis, ho che anderson réalise oeuvre intimiste et habilement provocatrice, qui a fait scandale lors de sa sortie aux etats unis. salué


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De Gruyter Martin Luther in Rom

Vor rund 500 Jahren besuchte Martin Luther Rom. Die Beschäftigung mit dieser Reise ist häufig der Frage verbunden, inwieweit sie Voraussetzung für Reformation war. Diese Sicht präjudizierte vielfach gerade in reformationshistorischen


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Cambridge University Press Martin Luther in Context

Martin Luther remains a popular, oft quoted, referenced, lauded historical figure. He is often seen as fulcrum upon which medieval turned into modern, last great or first modern; or, he is Protestant hero, th


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Palgrave Macmillan Martin Luther's Legacy

This volume is a unique interpretation of what Martin Luther contributes to renewed appreciation of Biblical diversity. The Church in West is struggling. One reason behind this is that prevailing models for Theology have imposed logical an


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