Medhochzwei Verlag Big Data in Medizin und Gesundheitswirtschaft

Big Data in der Medizin was verbirgt sich dahinter? Welche Potentiale stecken hier für die Gesundheitswirtschaft? Was ist aktuelle Stand? Risiken gilt es zu bedenken? Hype realistisches Potential? Erstmalig erhalte


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Univ Of Minnesota Press Code and Clay, Data Dirt

For years, pundits have trumpeted the earthshattering changes that big data and smart networks will soon bring to our cities. But what if long been built for intelligence, maybe millennia? In Code Clay, Data Dirt S


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Springer Data Science and Big Data: An Environment of Computational Intelligence

This book presents a comprehensive and up to date treatise of a range of methodological algorithmic issues. It also discusses implementations case studies, identifies the best design practices, assesses data analytics business models a


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Springer Big Data Applications and Services 2017

This proceedings volume contains selected papers from the Fourth International Conference on Big Data Applications and Services (BigDAS 2017), held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on August 15 18, 2017. data has become a core technology providing inno


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Cambridge University Press Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good

Massive amounts of data on human beings can now be analyzed. Pragmatic purposes abound, including selling goods and services, winning political campaigns, identifying possible terrorists. Yet 'big data' also be harnessed to serve the publi


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Presses de l'Université du Québec Big Data et société: Industrialisation

Le Big Data (ou mégadonnées) suscite des discours porteurs de visions économiques prometteuses: efficience du microciblage, meilleurs rendements par gestion prédictive, algorithmes et intelligence artificielle, villes intelligentes… bref, toute un


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Palgrave Macmillan Big Data Challenges

This book brings together an impressive range of academic and intelligence professional perspectives to interrogate social, ethical security upheavals in a world increasingly driven by data. Written in a clear accessible style, it offe


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Robert Laffont Big Data: La révolution des données est en marche

Vous souvenez vous de la bibliothèque d'Alexandrie? Aujourd'hui, chacun d'entre nous dispose de 320 fois plus d'informations qu'elle n'en contenait jadis! À l'heure où 98 % des sont enregistrées sous forme num


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Springer Targeted Learning in Data Science

This textbook for graduate students in statistics, data science, and public health deals with the practical challenges that come big, complex, dynamic data. It presents a scientific roadmap to translate real world application


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Springer Healthcare and Big Data Management

The book addresses the interplay of healthcare and big data management. Thanks to major advances in technologies precision medicine, is now becoming new frontier for both scientific research economic development. Th


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